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Composite bouquet
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Bouquets of candies and toys

Are you looking for an unusual bouquet? Something gentle, pleasant and original? Soft toys and candies is the most welcome gift, and not only for children. And a bouquet of toys and candies is a complete delight! Every adult has naivety and curiosity of a child inside that’s why we are always glad to get soft toys or sweets as a gift. Sometimes it is good to relax and give your brain some rest; to let yourself sink into sensual, sincere perspective. Treat your closest people with a pretty bouquet of toys and candies! Be a child yourself too and look at the world with younger eyes!


Price: 2,100 rub
Price: 2,000 rub
Price: 5,500 rub
Price: 2,000 rub
Price: 1,500 rub
Price: 2,100 rub
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